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Senset Cleansing Foam 300ml -

Senset Cleansing Foam 300ml


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3 Bottle Pack

Ideal for those suffering with incontinence problems, Vernacare Senset Cleansing Foam is a leading product designed to promote good hygiene aiding with the removal of soiling from skin and helping it to remain fresh and healthy. 

Containing a deodorant to ensure minimum odours and effective emollients that absorb easily into the skin helping to moisturise, freshen and protect - Senset Cleansing Foam is an invaluable product for anyone who suffers from dry, damaged or inflammable skin.


Bottle = 300ml

  • Volume: 300ml (10.6 fl oz)
  • Contains a long acting deodorant
  • Contains high level of emollients and moisturisers
  • Ideal for personal continence care
  • Will moisturise clean & soothe
  • Leaves a water repellent on skin to protect from wetness
  • Individual patient use with labels for identification

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