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Reynard - Non-Slip Patient Grip Sock - 5 Pair Pack -

Reynard - Non-Slip Patient Grip Sock - 5 Pair Pack


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Reynard SallySock® Non-Slip patient socks are designed to minimise the chance of slipping on dry floors. 


The Reynard SallySock® is designed for individual patient use and offers comfort, superior grip with a loose fit around the ankle, to assist with circulation.

Sold as a 5 Pair Pack



  • Unisex and designed for increased comfort, the design helps to prevent twisting and turning of the sock.
  • The loose ankle opening assists with blood circulation around the ankle.
  • Heel to toe slip-resistant grips so the entire foot is covered
  • Machine Washable
  • Different colour grips to identify sock size
  • Light colour (Aqua) to help identify fluid loss from wounds
  • Latex free and made from 88% Polyester/ 12% Spandex with PVC grips


  • Reduced fall prevention
  • Increased confidence in walking
  • Infection Control - designed for individual person use
  • Non-Slip

Size Guide:

  • Size Medium (5.5 - 7 UK)
  • Size Large (8 - 10 UK)
  • Size X-Large (11 - 13 UK)


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