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Nateen - EASY-8 PLUS Insert Pad >1700ml - pack of 10 -

Nateen - EASY-8 PLUS Insert Pad >1700ml - pack of 10


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Soft, breathable and convenient to use the EASY-8 PLUS insert pads from Nateen incorporate a super absorbent powder (SAP) designed for fast absorption and dryness, offering a high quality pad with a multi-layer absorption core.

Easy-8 are ideal for use with other fixation panti products such as Flexi adult pull up's from Nateen.

Anti-leak cuffs ensure all liquid is absorbed directly into the pad, minimising the risk of side leakage allowing the product to be won with real confidence, helping to maintain an independent life style.

Suitable for people suffering with a moderate level of incontinence and universal in size, Easy-8 Plus offer protection up to absorbency level >1700ml

  • 1x Pack Nateen Premium Easy-8 inner pad - PLUS
  • Pack size: One pack containing 10 pads
  • Carton Size: One carton containing 80 pads
  • Incontinence level: MODERATE
  • Absorbency level: >1700ml


Tags: Incontinence in women, insert pads, fixation pads, disposable insert pads for incontinence, absorbent insert pads


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