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Nateen - COMBI MAXI Adult Diaper (Small) >2650ml -

Nateen - COMBI MAXI Adult Diaper (Small) >2650ml


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Breathable & highly absorbent, the Nateen COMBI MAXI range of disposable adult diapers offer a very secure option for the management of incontinence through high absorbency and improved comfort.

Designed to prevent leakage, this product will help to promote an active and independent life style.
Suitable for both men or women living with a moderate to high level of incontinence, Combi Maxi Small are available in waist size of between 65cms (25”) and 105cms (41") and offer an absorbency capacity up to 2650ml
  • One bag containing 10 items
  • Sold as x1 x2, x4 or x8 bags
  • Waist size: Small 65cm-105cm (25" - 41")
  • Suitable for young adults/teenage children
  • Incontinence level: MODERATE/HIGH
  • Absorbency level: >2650ml
Nateen Combi offer a multi-layer absorption core with a unique acquisition layer for fast urine absorption and anti-leak cuffs that ensure all liquid is absorbed directly. Combi products also feature fully re-sealable tabs for an adjustable fit and increased comfort and the Combi range is suitable for both urinary and faecal incontinence.
A.D.L. (acquisition & distribution Layer)
The acquisition layer improves the rate of absorption, greatly reducing the risk of leakage and any potential feeling of wetness.

Waterproof back sheet that enables the air to flow to maximise skin integrity.

Odour Control
New generation Super absorbent polymer that maximize the absorbency level and neutralises odours.

Leak cuff-water proof
Soft and fitted leakage guards help stop leakage to minimize accidents, helping for further safe use.

Refastenable tapes
Refastanable frontal tapes, good for multiple times of tape. Easy to use.

Wetness indicator
The wetness indicator will disappear in contact with urine and indicates when the pad should be changed for maximum comfort.

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