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TenderCare - Extra Long - Bed Pads (80*180cm) -

TenderCare - Extra Long - Bed Pads (80*180cm)


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Easy to use, the TenderCare EXTRA LONG >1500ml disposable underpad is designed to offer comfort and protection.

The TenderCare range is soft and breathable, promoting rapid absorption of liquid into the pad whilst a waterproof film back sheet prevents loss of liquid through the pad.

TenderCare 180*80 offer an absorbency capacity up to 1500ml

  • 1x bag containing 10 pads
  • Sold as x1, x4 or x12 bag packs
  • Bed Tuck fittings
  • Size: 180cm x 80cm
  • Hygienic bed protection
  • Incontinence level: MODERATE to HIGH
  • Absorbency level >1500ml

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