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Nateen - FLEXI PLUS Pull Up (L) >2550ml - Pack of 10 -

Nateen - FLEXI PLUS Pull Up (L) >2550ml - Pack of 10


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Soft, comfortable and simple to use Nateen FLEXI PLUS (L) disposable adult pull up’s benefit users with an active and independent life style, whilst helping to maintain a person’s dignity.

Resembling normal underwear, the Flexi range offers a product that is easy to put on and fits subtlety and discreetly under clothing. Flexi Pull Up's come with a textured back sheet (TBS) a highly elasticated waist band and odour control & wetness indicators.

Suitable for both men or women suffering with a moderate level of incontinence, Flexi Plus (L) are elasticated and available in waist size of between 31" to 51" offering an absorbency capacity up to 2550ml.

  • 1x Pack Nateen Premium Adult Pull Ups - PLUS
  • Pack size: One pack containing 10 pants
  • Carton Size: One carton containing 80 pants
  • Waist size: Large 31" - 51" 
  • Incontinence level: MODERATE
  • Absorbency level: >2550ml
Flexi Pull Up’s are extremely breathable, super absorbent and also help to keep skin dry and clean whilst giving total freedom of movement. Flexi Pull Up's also have a tear-off seam that allows the pant to be easily removed
360° Waistband - Close

Super Leak-proof Design

Super Ventilation Design

Transient absorbent core Design

Tags: Incontinence panties, Adult Pull Ups, Incontinence in men, Incontinence in women, waterproof panties, recommended for adult daytime wetting 

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